Hiking and the hunt for the birthday cake

February has been fabulous! At weekends here, particularly the start of this year to keep myself busy I’ve been trying to explore my local area as much as possible and attend traditional events.

Near the beginning of February I joined two ALT pals on a trip up to visit another friend in Izumi which is up in the North of Kagoshima, Kumamoto is just over the border.

Our long weekend activities included hiking next to an onsen town (bath house town) in Kumamoto, eating fantastic food, dipping into a busy onsen, visiting Izumi shrine, encouraged into a flower arranging session, walking around Sogi falls, drinking red wine and going on the ultimate find a birthday cake mission to name but a few. I’ve been worrying recently about not always having a big trip organised because I have limited time here, and there’s a bit of pressure to use absolutely use all the available free time y’know. There’s definitely something to be said for mini-trips to lesser known spots with friends on a weekend for sure! So i’m not going to worry anymore :)

I’m by no means a writer at all so here are some photos instead of me waffling on. Thank you to Amber for inviting me along on this wonderful trip, Alice for hosting us to stay at your comfy, artsy apartment the whole weekend and Kendall for letting me celebrate your birthday with you. What an adventure. (Some photos by Kendall and Amber*)