Cloud 9 V3 has just been released and it is BEAUTIFUL

As a jewellery designer who has been using Cloud 9 for about four years (!) to create unique collections, mock-ups and sketches; I'm pretty clued up on using this amazing design software. As a beginner a few years ago, I was drawn in by the colourful, organic nature of designing with the program. Cloud 9 has since evolved and I continue to enjoy using it to create my jewellery designs because it allows me to create in a free-form style, passionately and effortlessly. 

When I was introduced to Version 3 a few weeks ago I was totally in awe of the colour and fluidity. I have been playing around with Version 3 and its inspired me to create some fab new designs for Anarkik Creations- an online platform for contemporary jewellers. 

Creating Elizabeth Armour Jewellery 

The first thing I noticed about V3 is how much faster it is than V2; using the cursor and applying commands such as mirror and boolean are much smoother and seamless in the latest version. 

I use 'mirror' almost obsessively in my jewellery designing as I love natural-looking, symmetrical patterns. Using mirror in V3 is far more accurate than it's predecessor, resulting in beautifully soft, organic forms. 

Having the freedom to change the colour of these model earrings gives me some ideas of the colour I may use to colour the resulting 3D printed polymide . 

In V3 boolean is now extra special; by selecting a variant colour from your original model (such as pink to purple) and like in the model below, using another form to boolean subract, the new colour selected is now left in the subtracted area! This opens up so many possibilities for use of colour in the creative process, I may send this model away to be 3D Printed in these colours; I love the results! It's so fresh and contemporary.

When I make time to be creative using Cloud 9 and just 'play', I find I get totally immersed into the program. Some of my favourite models which have gone through to 3D Print have appeared whilst being totally free in the design process. Sometimes, the most interesting elements appear in the pieces that could have been thrown away. This is why Cloud 9 is so special, that element is such a creative occurrence, you have to remind yourself that you are using a computer. This program bridges the creative the gap between handmade and digital design.