Cloud 9 Master Classes and Workshops for October!

October is almost upon us! 

If you'd like to get 3D modelling fast and understand the principles of 3D Printing in a friendly environment, the 1 day introduction or perhaps the 2 day masterclass on 3D modelling software by  Anarkik 3D Design could be just for you! 

I learned how to  create and 3D Print my models using this software and now regularly use Anarkik 3D Design to create my jewellery collections and other projects. 


The October dates are going in fast so book quickly to avoid disappointment! 

We have:

        14th October- 

  • A Taster: 3D Printing for fun! (3 hours long enough to be captivated)

      Light introduction to 3D Printing, its joys and constraints! (Ultimaker to printer)

        15th of October-

  • A 1 day Introduction to Anarkik 3D Design 'haptic (touch technology) 3D modelling package. 

      Upbeat masterclass: 3D modelling for 3D printing for creative people who are non-CAD             users, focussing on the potential that 3D printing offers you. 

       16th and 17th of October-

  • A 2 day course 'Create Passionately and 3D Print perfectly'


    Intensive and upbeat masterclass: For applied artists/creative people, focus on 3D modelling       with Anarkik 3D, information about CAD, 3D Printing and modelling for successful 3D                   printing.

Head to: for more details and how to book you first workshop or master class.