Cloud 9 Skillshare class in Vanilla Ink

In Vanilla Ink we are hosting a Skillshare fortnight with..each other! We're taking individual skills and techniques that we use in our practice and sharing these skills with the jewellers who make up the Vanilla Ink workshop. My Skillshare was a relaxed Cloud 9 software class, sessions of 1 1/2 hours of exploring the program and a tutorial 'making a giant strawberry!'

However because of the nature of the program, I find it's best to just play around with Cloud 9 and see what creations happen naturally, which is what the students did and got right into it!

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Lucie Hunter's amazing elf shoes- only took her 10 minutes to make these! 10155375_696359383739874_1355772655792568226_n

Scott and Ilya were so engrossed with Cloud 9 they even planned out some of their designs by sketching on paper too! This crazy fish was later given a top hat and moustache.. 10247476_696150110427468_5352558212569098551_n

Sally took a break from making her jewellery to create some lovely rings with stretched and rounded shapes.10252014_696150080427471_1912915469627116328_n


Joanna Bletcher and Pam from the V&A Dundee joined us in our morning session for a play and a cup of coffee!

Everyone that tried Cloud 9 yesterday really enjoyed themselves and seemed to get lost in the amount of time they spent on the program. Successful day I'd say with some very interesting and intricated designs :)