Vanilla Ink Social Media Week: Meet the Inkers!

Today's Inker is Elizabeth Armour Designer/Maker : "Designer and Maker of weird and wonderful creations; I’m a Scottish Contemporary Jeweller who graduated from Jewellery and Metalwork at Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee in 2012. Since then my creative career has been an amazing mash-up in various areas of design, but my extended path is creating bold pieces of ‘statement’ jewellery! Fueled by my avid curiosity to explore and mimic natural structures found in flora and fauna; mostly underwater plant life and microscopy. Finding that these fascinating forms such as corals and anemones resonate tactility and beauty.

I use a playful mixture of silver, nylon, rubber and currently pearls, reflecting the sources of my inspiration through symmetry, repetition and suggestive elements.

Poke it. Prod it. Feel it!"

Got a question for Lizzie? Tweet her @LizzieArmour#asktheinkers

Check out ‘the making of’ journeys and watch out for the release of her upcoming collection on the facebook page: website: and Instagram: @LizzieArmour

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