At Vanilla Ink so far


Via Vanilla Ink Facebook page:

Elizabeth Armour tells us how Vanilla Ink helps her make jewellery work: "One of the aspects I really appreciate about being in Vanilla Ink is that we help each other out; being in a workshop/studio space with so many professional jewellers is rare so I take full advantage of the fact that we all have different skills and if I ever need any advice, there’s bound to be somebody who can provide it.

I feel like my jewellery path is more focussed; knowing what I don’t want to do is just as important as knowing what do want to do. My confidence in my work has been lifted. I really enjoyed our recent Branding workshop with Create 48, it’s made me consider my brand for the first time and I will use these ideas in the statement collection that I’m currently making."1653682_728638000503868_1736802869_n 1966732_728638013837200_1807383809_n10002919_728638010503867_1648191761_n