Using unusual materials: it's alive!

It seems like my blog is turning into a tutorial screed for makers (or as I honestly see it; a blog list reminding me on what I've made and how I've made it..) Last blog, I explained how I was beginning to use silicone, how I've found using it and more frequently, how it hadn't cured/worked out the way I've expected it to.

This time around; I decided I would continue what I was doing before but with more time in my day i.e. not having to run off to my part time job, spray my model with a clear acrylic lacquer beforehand and only use one hand-made model to concentrate on. This saved on wastage and also making more models only for it not to work and my models to be ruined.

Prepare yourself for some disgusting photos reminiscent of on-screen snot or ectoplasm (to be honest I am a lover of slightly gross materials that cross a border of 'can't decide if this is ugly/beautiful', so I enjoy these!)



So at this stage (what did I tell you?!) The silicone is probably 1/4 through setting time, and really I found that this is the stage where good layers could be made on the model, which was about half an hour after I mixed the silicone 1:1. At this point I was able to coat the model maybe..2/3 more times before the rubber was beginning to cure.

I left the model to dry for one day at least; coated the outside skin in baby powder once dry (to stop the silicone sticking to itself, it loves to do this) cut the top off, popped out the model...

It worked!


IMG_20140108_095419 IMG_20140108_095426



So at the moment it looks pretty basic, however I achieved the beginnings of what I waned to do- create a hollow, translucent model in a flexible material, reminiscent of a sea anenome. The difference? More time and sprayed my model before coating in silicone.

The next stage: I'm really going to have to think about this. My making project is going to kick off properly when I recieve a package of nylon models this if this little silicone model works alongside the nylon models I'm going to have to make a lot more of these handmade models in various sizes..and the first was quite time consuming.

Now that I know how to do it I'll become quicker at the process, however I can't force curing time, so I'll need to make time.

To be continued! :)