Source of strength

“As makers we are sharers”- Bill Thomson. The world we live in now is using technology in such a way that we are creating a new breed of craft makers. This doesn’t just include designers, it includes everybody! My re-affirming of being a designer and maker is right there. :) I'm learning more and more in a jewellers workshop all the time; at the moment I'm asking others about Hallmarking and will be getting my own mark very soon for my work.

I don't always work with precious metals, this doesn't mean I'm not a maker (no one has told me this recently, I just constantly self-critique my work!)

We are working in a world of Makers. It's an exciting and interactive place to be..full of experiments and possibilities for new inventions.. I like to create my own little world of possibilities by using mixed media materials to see what they can do. How I can push them. Create something new. If I find a path of exploration that works really well and becomes more and more interesting.. I like to share this with others.

That is my passion :)