Plans, plans, more plans and...rainbow biscuits..!

Wow, realised today that I've been in Dundee now for a whole month and a LOT has happened since I moved back, really positive things. 

Vanilla Ink is the main reason I moved back to Dundee; I'm feeling more at home than I ever have done whilst living here whilst at art college. Perhaps it's the freedom to create it provides, along with the year after graduating I took to reflect and try out different design paths which have made me much more confident and positive about my abilities as a designer, maker and person. 

Last week I was sent a letter saying I'd been granted funding towards a project I'd outlined a proposal for; I'm really thrilled! If you apply yourself you never know, you may be given a chance :) I know exactly what this funding will go towards and it will help my work development incredibly. 

Aside from that I'm just getting organised (alongside eating rainbow biscuits! Procrastination at it's best) for going to London on the 6th of November, where I'll be working at the 3D printshow in the Business Design Centre, Islington. Excited is not the word. I know we're going to be tired, but it will be so so worth it. There is so much to take in at these shows, I'm going to do my absolute best to speak to designers, makers, engineers, teachers, kids..everyone visiting that is passionate about innovative technologies..and document as much as possible. I know when I return on the 10th my head will be so full of possibilites and ideas, I'll be really inspired. 

The applications open for 2014 3D Printshow to exhibit in March/April 2014. So...I'd better get on with it! (Whilst creating an awesome commercial collection and working with the other Inkers...and working my day not very busy then!)