Statement jewellery...because, why not?

After a somewhat quiet open day at DOJ jewellery Dept (oh dear, I hope it picks up on the second day!) speaking to brilliant minds within the university (so many in one day! Great!) and having a chat with my new Vanilla Ink mentor my head is a little mushy to say the least. It's time to take a step back, and look I what I really want to achieve this year in Vanilla Ink. I've to make a 12 month plan, starting at the end and working my way backwards, for the next time I speak to my mentor, in one week.

I'd love to make bold, statement pieces for the end of year show and 3D printshow 2014. 3D Printed and perhaps mixed with other media. My inspiration for this is natural and organic forms, that are found on the forest floor and sea bed..however do I now need a reason to make these that go beyond aesthetically pleasing? I feel that I do.. Such as a strong message behind them? To raise awareness? Would I be able to make these out of recycled plastics rather than new nylon? I keep thinking of the Sustainable Oceans team in Austraila re-creating coral in 3d printed sandstone to re-build damaged coral reefs...just wow. Can a jeweller be involved in this?! (like a dream)

But then isn't having an 'issue to raise' the reason that comes first and then..the making? Am I over-thinking by any chance?

Right now I'm designing and about to start making a new commercial range of jewellery with great colours (hooray!) and would love to these to be available on an online shop.

I guess I have two halves of my big aims for this year...and another one for good luck! A commercial collection which is colourful, quirky and personal as they will be illustrated with my drawings..which I would love to be available online and in shops/galleries.

...Then the big second one of statement pieces which seems like a giant hill that I have to push myself up right now. But I'll get there. I've started my quest by talking to people, talking to my new mentor (who I think I confused entirely by saying that I also wanted to work in film...emmm..oops!) and playing around on Cloud 9 as that is where it all began and where it will mostly continue...

..Teaching. Sharing. Learning. That's the big third one. I find one of the things I'm best at that is sharing knowledge with others and making connections with people. Sometimes I enjoy that more than making my own designs, to know that I've helped someone along with their ideas is so satisfying. One of the most poweful things I believe you can do as a maker is to share your learning. It's how we develop as inventors and as people. Love teaching!

So the next step for me is to post-it note my 11 months at Vanilla Ink what I'd like to achieve, big and small, I have a lot to do before the 3D Printshow which is now in week when I fly down!


Perhaps I shouldn't worry so much about concept for my statement pieces? Do I need a reason other than to create new craft in new ways for further development?

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated! :)