New Directions


So I have an amazing opportunity this year to develop my work, collaborate with other designers and learn great business skills at Vanilla Ink. After two weeks flown past already I'm very inspired, determined..and nervous. I think that's because I know the general direction I want my work to go in but I'm very worried that it won't work...

This is the panic button that I seem to carry around with me at all times in my brain. This panic button must be destroyed!

How? Through planning is one, researching and talking! The great thing about Vanilla Ink is the communication and opportunities to gain more contacts through the creative community.

This brooch shown above is the work I'd love to develop from. I've begun to design new pieces and I have a few good ideas as to where I'd like to take them. One thing i'd love to achieve is to have perhaps three or four body sculpture pieces, in time for the V Ink end of year show and the 3D Printshow 2014. Perhaps from these I could create smaller commercial pieces so that these could be on sale in an online shop? These could also be combined with silver. It's all very exciting and great to talk about!

I'm not amazing at planning anything, I can plan a week ahead, but a year...that's new territory for me, I'm hoping once I've spoken to my mentor Lauren Currie, founder of Snook, I'll have a clearer idea of the direction I'm going in. I'd like to focus and above everything ENJOY creating amazing pieces of jewellery and larger pieces.

"You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose."