'In the Residency' -Arteles Finland.

'In the Residency' -Arteles Finland. In September 2013 I took part in an Artist Residency for one month in South Western Finland. The catalogue has been updated and you can see images and an artist's statement of 'what I got up to' during my time there!

I have been heavily influenced by the Finnish landscape and natural surroundings that I was imersed into from the very beginning; the light was particularly amazing! There are similarities in climate between Scotland and Finland however the land is so flat and trees so tall and in skinny in Finland that the change of light is extremely different. It seems more 'extreme' in a way.

The forests are completely different as well, so much more moss and lichen, it's far more overgrown in places. Eventhough I didn't make jewellery as such while I was there, I did a lot of observational drawing of plant life and objects I found on long forest walks, just to get new ideas flowing for making.

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