New Vanilla Inkers revealed..

I've had to keep this quite for a good month, but I can now say that I'm a Vanilla Inker 2014 beginning this October! :) Vanilla Ink- Makes Jewellery Work, located in Meadow Mills Wasps Studios,  in Dundee Scotland. It provides Designers with a workshop space, mentoring and support developing their business. I'm honestly so excited and can't wait to start working properly again as a jeweller and designer and meeting the other Inkers too! (Some of which i already know too! :)
Vanilla Ink has had an amazing year, the first full batch of Vanilla Inkers have just been down to International Jewellery London which was a huge success and gained some fantastic awards. They are having an end of year show at the Vanilla Ink Studios on the 13th of September with all of their amazing work- Please come along enjoy the work, see the studio and show your support <3