#3dconsequences Cloud 9; the third design.

I'm pretty eagre to show this one! So the final stage of the 3D Consequences project for me was to carry on towards a final design from Ann Marie's 2nd stage design. Stage one of transforming Ann Marie Shillito's Design

At first I actually found this design pretty hard to work with. I couldn't get past the fact that the shapes were so pointed and slender; so I seperated each object one at a time, and began rearranging them.

Stage two: putting boolean into use.

Stage three:rearranging

The colours on the screen actually gave me the idea that this design would be based on a 'bird of paradise' plant. Very similar colours and shapes to the leaves of the plant. With this in mind and 3D Printablility I decided to arrange all the slender shapes to flow in a similar direction, and fan out towards the end. I thought perhaps all the shapes with their spikes pointing inwards would have made it too flimsy to Print and stay in one piece. Plus I like the fact that they're all flowing in the same direction!

Stage four: turning the shardes in on themselves

Stage five: Pointing in the same direction seem to fit better, taking into account of printability and wearability.

Perhaps if printing in nylon this design could be dyed similar colours with dysperse dyes; I may ask Lucy about dyes since she is now our resident textile designer-she will probably have a lot of experience with dyes!

Stage Six: Straightening up and final adjustments. I think this design would be suited as a brooch.


My time limit on this design was to be completed by the end of August. Since I am going to Finland for an artist residency at the beginning of September I've had a very busy time preparing and doing my 3D Designs. Really enjoyable though. And it's not over yet..!

With the help of funding, fingers crossed these designs (12 altogether including all original stages!) Will be 3D Printed and on display at the 3D Printshow London from the 7th - 9th of November.

Wireframe mode

If you would like to get in touch about the project, if you can help us with funding or with CEO Ann Marie Shillito about Anarkik 3D please visit: www.anarkik3d.co.uk and look out for further news of getting this project off the ground and into real 3D form!

We will also be setting up the project for funding on Bloom VC. Stay tuned!