3D modelling adventures..

I'm going to have to cut in from my blog posts about my prop making at the moment and tell you all about an exciting project. A collaboration. Since 2011 I have been using the 3D software Cloud 9 by Anarkik 3D.

So far with Anarkik 3D I have had some amazing tutorials, got my own software, made my own 3D Printed jewellery designed on Cloud 9, and volunteered with them as an equipment demonstrator at events such as the 2012 London 3D Printshow and the 2013 Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire.

www.anarkik3d.co.uk <--- Take a look at the website here to see what Cloud 9 is and what is involved.

In short; Cloud 9 is a 3D modelling software, aimed at (but not exclusively!) artists and makers, who want to get involved with new technology (such as 3D printing) but still feel the need to use their hands. This amazing software, uses haptics which is 'touch' technology, allowing you to 'feel' the object you are creating on the computer! These designs can then be sent to any 3D printing company such as Shapeways, IMaterialise etc and your design can be printed into a physical model.

Find out more in the next post about the intriguing  new project by Anarkik 3D...