3D Consequences- The Project Begins

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Here are the first stages of my contribution to the 3D Consequences project.

As a designer and maker how I work is based around playing with ideas and materials. I often sketch quickly and get straight into making. I find that making maquettes and samples, really focusing on process, help me push towards a final design that works. 

I take inspiration from the forest; plants, fungus, little un-noticed bits of the forest floor and study them. Drawing from life and under a microscope. A whole host of new information, shapes, colours and textures appear!

As you can see from these screenshots I enjoy organic shapes which frequently reflect my research into spores and cells. 

Being a jeweller I decided that my start-off design would be a ring, there is something so satisfying about making rings, perhaps it's something to do with the skillful processes involved or the symbolism that comes with a ring but it's one of the most enjoyable things I learned when becoming a jeweller. 

The first 'theme' for our designs, which we were to highlight was 'Duplicate.' Naturally for me, I used spheres as I use a lot of granulation (silver ball-making) in my metalwork and find clusters of spheres really pleasing to the eye. 

With this ring I want to create the impression of a bubbling over-flow. The ring shank is organically shaped but the 3D Print should make it very comfortable to wear.

I'm really interested to see what the next designer will do to my design with the theme 'Deform' (it's really the BEST move!) with deform you can change the shape of the object, kind of like molding clay but with a computer!

Next designer to get hold of this design is : Lucy!

The deadline for the first design is the 6th of August so I'm pretty early in creating this, but I'm not at home for the weekend so I thought I'd get a head start.

I'll keep you updated on what Lucy's design mind does to my model and the next installment of the design I will be sent to play with, which will be: Ann Marie's 1st design!

Remember if you want to know more about Anarkik 3D's software you can by going to : www.anarkik3d.co.uk

Signing out for now curious ones, 

Lizzie x