Scenehouse Edinburgh June 2013

Greetings bloggers! So I'm going to do a short blog a day about this as there is so much to write about; Scenehouse Edinburgh is a summer school in theatre design, the course is broken up into sections of which I was part of the first two weeks: 'Make'. Make is an intensive course in Prop making skills for theatre.

My interests in design collaboration and love of seeing shows and aweing at sets lead me to this course! I needed a taster, a proper insight into how a production comes together. I aim to broaden my skills and horizons as a designer maker and most importantly; meet new people! Which I did, and they're lovely :)

This event wasn't till the second day of my course; but I thought I'd begin with it as it was a very important introduction to a very current amazing feit in the world of theatre and props! Francis our course leader took us to an exclusive War Horse event in the Festival Theatre Edinburgh. We were SO lucky to be able to see this; not only did we listen to representatives of the now global production, get shown photos of 'the making of' and an interview with Michael Morpurgo..but..We got to meet Joey! One of the horses from the real performance! And he was beautiful! Racing in and out through the aisles, the whole audience got to meet Joey before anyone else in Scotland. It would have been amazing to get up close and personal with the puppet, but there were strict rules about photography of the horse and none were allowed to be taken without 'human support'! (In other words when he's not being puppeteered)

Apparently this event featured on the evening news later that night, here are a few pictures: 11/06/13. Our first taster of some of the cleverest prop design and making skills in current theatre.


War Horse IMG_20130611_113009