3D Printed

The dust has settled and the 3D Printshow 2012 in London is definitely over after nearly 3 weeks, although there is still a lot of press flying around about the whole event, which is great. I met so many incredible people at this event and saw a lot of amazing technology. There are so many highlights. I really wanted to see for myself cad and 3D printing beyond jewellery (what I have been trained in myself) and I saw exactly that. I feel that there is so much use in 3D printing, it's not just an experiment and it's definitely not a 'lazy way' of creating (from the looks of some programmes it looks like a good amount of training is needed!). I don't see it as a way of replacing the handmade; I wouldn't want it to, making by hand is what I do, it's how I was trained as a jeweller, involving great skill, tradition and creative thought.

I discovered at this show that Computer Aided Design and 3D Printing can aid so many different areas of design, a lot in economical, environmental and ethnographical senses.

3D Printing companies such as M-Core, who've developed a printer that produces designs in paper, regular A4 office paper, however can therefore use recycled paper and recycle again. Plus these models are so gorgeous, it takes away the harsh feel of some plastic models, something a bit different. (will be using them!)

I'm in love with a new app called MAKE123 by Autodesk, which allows you to create a design (via touchscreen or by using your computer mouse) and it will show you the full model in laser-cut form! Which also means that if I use this on my computer here (haven't gotten to grips with this bit yet) that I won't have to use horrid Illustrator, and I can draw my designs on this app and directly hook this

up to the laser cutter in Maklab! Hurrah!

A company called Inition 3D based in Shoreditch, London, have done some com

munity based work, working with the locals in parts of Hackney to come up with some amazing ideas for bringing their community together: http://www.inition.co.uk/ plus from looking at their website there is soooo much more work on there, I didn't even realise.

I also attended a seminar by Legacy FX, which was really exciting, a special effects company for film, based in California. I've been dreaming of working for a company like this since my 3rd year of uni when I realised that jewellery was a bit too small for me making-wise...So I felt really privileged to be listening to this talk and intent on taking everything in. The talk was really positive and inspiring- from this I have taken that every mistake you make is one that you will learn from; so I shouldn't give up on trying to learn more and work within this industry. I have applied to go on a course next year by Scenehouse, which will help me learn the skills I would need in prop making/designing. Hopefully in the very near future I will be helping the creator of Cloud 9 software give tutorials to those would buy units of Cloud 9 (which is amazing, I love giving tutorials!) to colleges/schools/individuals, so i'll be keeping my hand in CAD. Next year I'm considering doing a Masters in Theatre Studies, which would help me understand how a production works, behind the scenes and hopefully, more design skills!

I'll be posting more about the 3D Printshow discoveries soon and getting a gallery up of work found there and some of my own too :)


Masako Hamaguchi- Equipment Demonstrator at Anarkik 3D stand- 3D Printshow London 2012