Flock away..

The dye-ing of my nylon ring didn't quite work out- maybe in the future I could research into this a bit more. My problem was having to heat up the ring as well as the disperse dye to get the colour to stay. I also didn't want to dye the whole ring, just certain nooks..I was too frightened that I might melt the nylon, and also end up dye-ing it all which I didn't want! So instead I decided to tie it together with the other CAD model, add hints of silver here and there, and to flock it. The addition of the flock I think, makes them seem like little creatures, like growing, living objects or plants! It's a shame that on the ring I have lost the layering effect on the outside of the ring, but I may print a model out and leave it white to show this in the degree show as an example of the print quality.

Again...better pictures shall be uploaded next week!