Thoughts thoughts thoughts...

I have lots to do. Looooots. It's not just me that does though!

So far I have one large necklace, I'm in the process of making another, a little collection of rings and some autoCAD models also in the process of being developed. I've been thinking about photography a lot, and I think in terms of postcards and business cards, I'd like the imagery to be clear and focussed on the pieces. So if I do some photography outside in woodland, they will be displayed in the degree show only.

I've also been researching some mushroom growing kits online (edible and safe, I don't want to be sued or have people high wandering around should they chose to try and eat one! That's not the aim of the mushrooms- display only!) I can only find a few 'interesting' looking ones that aren't button mushrooms, and I think I would have to re-plant them out of the grow-bags. This is a job for....suuuuupermumm. Keen gardener extraordinare!  I'll ask her advice on it.

Got to think more about why am I doing it further...learning etc too. Lots to do, better get on! :)