Something weird happened the other week..

Normally I like my posts to be visual (bar the last one!) but unfortunately there was no pictorial evidence of this...thing..that happened.  

I was working away at the puc welder, minding my own business, when a tutor appeared and asked me if I was free and wanted to appear in a video, talking about my work, which was going to be sent to NASA. 

Yes, actual NASA. What..? A bit bewildered, I agreed of course!

Up in the Masters studios 10 minutes later, myself, a student from 3rd year jewellery and one from 2nd year, were filmed talking about our work, why we chose to do jewellery, etc. 

We had a quick explanation from one of the cameramen that it was a short video for a project encouraging young women to partake in new technologies...I suppose I was picked because I'd maybe been using Cloud 9, Zoe had awesome (I actually love it) latex sea creature type pieces which looked quite alien, and the girl from 2nd year actually had an interest in space! Hooray! She did really well speaking, I was terrified.

So perhaps NASA will have seen a glimpse of our jewellery, even if only for a second! Sometimes saying yes to most things can get me into weird situations, but some...turn out to be great opportunities.