Cloud 9

So as well as using techniques by hand and the laser cutter in my final year, I've been looking into a 3D modelling programme which I would describe as a 'virtual sketchbook' called Cloud 9, made by Anarkik 3D ( In our second year at DOJ we were introduced to Cloud 9 briefly, it appealed to me because of the freedom that it provides; the programme is unique because it uses a haptics device instead of a mouse called a falcon claw. This allows the user to draw in 360 directions, and you can feel your model on the screen; if you push into it you can feel the resistance of it as if you are pushing into a balloon. This is why I wanted to pursue Cloud 9 further, I'd never seen anything like it before.

The models you can create on Cloud 9 also allow for very organic shapes which is perfect for my project, other CAD programmes that I have tried seem to be very geometric and rigid. It's also very easy to get used to, has simple and straight forward commands to learn- and is really good fun.

So here is my first little model, which has been printed with an UP printer in nylon. It needs cleaned up just a bit more and I will be adding this onto my bigger degree show pieces OR making it into a ring, I haven't quite decided yet, but the main thing is it goes very well with my spore print pieces which I'm extremely happy about! I've also taken a picture of a screenshot on the Cloud 9 computer, just to show you what it looks like on-screen. [slideshow]