Exciting new materials and ring samples..

I had a gut feeling about two things in the first semester; the first one being that I'd go back to my root work in second year and research/draw from sea-life. The second that I'd not do well just sitting staring at a sketchbook..so I made myself get into the workshop- and just go for it! Designing through making is quite unpredictable, but for me much more satisfying and a logical thought process. Anyway I'd discovered whilst researching plastics on the internet, the most exciting material I've played with in a long time; polyolefin tube. (heat-shrink plastic).

It's a material used mostly for covering electrical wires, quite cheap (thankfully) and comes in lots of different colours!! So I ordered myself  a few meters :)

These are the ring design samples that I came up with around November/December, and I'm hoping to continue to work on them for the Degree Show! :)