New beginnings

A new year (soon) a new blog, and the final term till the end of 4th year. I thought I'd start a-new with a fresh looking site. Once I figure out how to use WordPress a bit better more of my work will be displayed permanently one here! I'm reeeeeeally excited for my final term, I know that it's going to be the most stressful term I've ever experienced too, but I'm desperate to get stuck right in and have fun with my designs and materials.

To begin with, I'm going to back catalogue a little and post up quite a lot of images showing where I began at the start of the year, where i branched out to and hopefully what I'm going to be carrying on with this term!


....To introduce a little bit about my thought process; my work tends to be all through experimentation and experience. I am naturally drawn towards natural structures such as plant life and sea life, repeat patterns, tactile objects and colour. In a way this suggest I work organically and definitely through trial and error. However I believe this is the most important part of designing and making for me, as I gain more knowledge of whatever I'm using, trying out various different techniques with many materials. If I get it 'wrong', I try to get round it or come up with another idea of how to make it work.

So I'll get started by posting up some images, from inspiration; to where ever I am right now!

Enjoy :)