3D Modelling for 3D Printing, with Anarkik 3D at MAKlab


Learn how to create 3D models with touch technology to then 3D Print!

A perfect introductory workshop for applied artists and creative people focussing on what Anarkik 3D Design and 3D printing can offer you.

One day course 11am- 5pm


MAKlab, 30 St Georges Road, Glasgow, G3 6UJ.

16th of October 2015

Tutors: Ann Marie Shillito and Elizabeth Armour

The course will be led by internationally renowned Designer/Maker Ann Marie Shillito; founder and CEO of Anarkik 3D Software and Company. With her expert guidance in using digital technologies as an artist, this course will take you through the steps you need to learn how to 3D model using the latest haptic technology and how to use 3D Printing processes to your advantage.

Assisting tutor is Elizabeth Armour, a designer/maker from Dundee who uses Anarkik 3D’s software to create bold, Contemporary Jewellery pieces.


Introduction: Brief overview followed by swift run through in demo mode to show the interface and main menu features including the advantages of touch and using a ‘3D mouse’.

First session:

Get hands on with Anarkik 3D Design package (using Novint’s Falcon haptic device).

Navigation – getting the feel for interacting/creating in a risk free 3D virtual environment.

Working through a structured tutorial – try out all the functions through structured playing and exploring, with individual assistance.

Second session:

Brief introduction to 3D printing.

Hands on session continuing to work through the tutorial. 

There will be an Interactive feedback session to help you identify the next steps, answer your questions plus give you course material to take away with you.

This course will give you practical experience of Anarkik 3D Design and using it to know how easy it is to get into, learn and use, and be creative! We look forward to seeing you there and welcoming you to our workshop.


Here’s how other people have found our courses: 

“I came to Edinburgh this beautiful city to study programme “Anarkik 3D Design” and 3D printing in March 2013, and I have to say, Ann really helped me to understand the processes of 3D printing. And I found the programme Anarkik 3D Design very helpful, especially as the programme is built particularly for artists like me – I found it much easier to create an object in 3D.”

Wilson P.K -Fashion Design Student

Anarkik 3D Design is a highly intuitive piece of software so it doesn’t take long to get to grips with the basics and from there you can start having some fun. Also Ann Marie’s enthusiasm for all things 3D printed is catching, you’ve been warned, and now I just can’t wait to get started. Thanks for a great session.”

Laura van Weegen

Cloud 9 V3 has just been released and it is BEAUTIFUL

As a jewellery designer who has been using Cloud 9 for about four years (!) to create unique collections, mock-ups and sketches; I'm pretty clued up on using this amazing design software. As a beginner a few years ago, I was drawn in by the colourful, organic nature of designing with the program. Cloud 9 has since evolved and I continue to enjoy using it to create my jewellery designs because it allows me to create in a free-form style, passionately and effortlessly. 

When I was introduced to Version 3 a few weeks ago I was totally in awe of the colour and fluidity. I have been playing around with Version 3 and its inspired me to create some fab new designs for Anarkik Creations- an online platform for contemporary jewellers. 

Creating Elizabeth Armour Jewellery 

The first thing I noticed about V3 is how much faster it is than V2; using the cursor and applying commands such as mirror and boolean are much smoother and seamless in the latest version. 

I use 'mirror' almost obsessively in my jewellery designing as I love natural-looking, symmetrical patterns. Using mirror in V3 is far more accurate than it's predecessor, resulting in beautifully soft, organic forms. 

Having the freedom to change the colour of these model earrings gives me some ideas of the colour I may use to colour the resulting 3D printed polymide . 

In V3 boolean is now extra special; by selecting a variant colour from your original model (such as pink to purple) and like in the model below, using another form to boolean subract, the new colour selected is now left in the subtracted area! This opens up so many possibilities for use of colour in the creative process, I may send this model away to be 3D Printed in these colours; I love the results! It's so fresh and contemporary.

When I make time to be creative using Cloud 9 and just 'play', I find I get totally immersed into the program. Some of my favourite models which have gone through to 3D Print have appeared whilst being totally free in the design process. Sometimes, the most interesting elements appear in the pieces that could have been thrown away. This is why Cloud 9 is so special, that element is such a creative occurrence, you have to remind yourself that you are using a computer. This program bridges the creative the gap between handmade and digital design. 

Cloud 9 Workshop for Jewellers at 'Handmade by Machines' in the Lighthouse, Glasgow!

Anarkik 3D Design is not a Jewellery CAD package; it is sculptural 3D modelling and great for creating and exploring forms for contemporary applied arts, especially organic constructions. 

Join us in an in-depth workshop for 8-9 jewellers on 3D haptic modelling for 3D printing being taken by Ann Marie Shillito at the Lighthouse in Glasgow, on 8th July, 10 am to 5 pm. £120.

This workshop is intensive and fun, and gives designer makers no-hype know-how to understand 3D designing for 3D printing. There will be models to handle in different materials and a desktop 3D printer singing away!

We use the newly released version 3 of Anarkik3D’s haptic (virtual touch) 3D modelling software which is easy to learn and use and therefore ideal for grasping concepts and getting into 3D modelling fast.

The exhibition ‘Handmade by Machines’, curated by Karen-Ann Dicken, is on at the Lighthouse too and is added inspiration.

Its easy to book tickets through Eventbrite here:   https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/haptic-cloud-9-workshop-with-ann-marie-shilto-tickets-17515244568

Looking forward to seeing you there! :)

Ann Marie Shillito - CEO of Anarkik 3D

Lizzie Armour - Jewellery Designer/ Anarkik 3D Tutorial Assistant

Jen and Mike Smith's Wedding Rings

After a wonderful weekend in North Berwick celebrating two friends getting married; I can finally share these images of the time they spent in my studio space creating their beautiful wedding rings for each other. What an experience and I'm so glad they asked me to show them how to make their rings- lovely to be a part of it!

Jen has three silver skinny stack rings, all slightly different which sit comfortably next to each other. Mike has one oxidised silver band.

Jewellery by Lizzie Armour, Jen Smith and Mike Smith.

Photography by Jen Smith

DCA Print Studio: 3D Print Drop-In Day


      Images by Claire McVinnie

     Images by Claire McVinnie

From 12-4pm in the Print Studio on the 11th of April, 49 people attended the 3D Printing drop-in day. With great interest in all of the available technology, we gained very positive feedback.

The 3D Printer, 3D Scanner, 3D Pens and 3D Print- Printmaking hybrids all proved popular with visitors. Everyone enjoyed the hands-on aspect of the drop-in day, which was mostly seen in the queue for the 3D pens (almost all adults!) Whereas kids loved swapping around the 3D Printed ‘Mr.Potatohead’ style fruit and veg body parts/gadgets and using the 3D scanner to produce digital portraits.


The attendees covered all age ranges and abilities; mostly beginners, a few hobbyists already learning about 3D Printing (one who is currently building his own printer), interested groups and individuals.

Print Studio Members and artists/makers were particularly curious about the Printmaking area; combining 3D Print with traditional Printing. One of our members even started creating Collograph textures with the 3D Pen to add to her next Collograph plate! It was really pleasing to see that people were being inspired and creating at the drop-in day, plus thinking about how they could use these techniques for future projects.

What kind of class involving 3D Printing would interest you?

“Mixing 3D Printing with other printing methods.”

“Intro course possibly combined with Printmaking”

“Creating collograph, etching boards and embossing with 3D prints”

The drop-in day provided a taster session for all. After looking around the various stations for themselves, some of the more popular questions included ‘How do I get from a drawing/an idea to the 3D Print?’ For this we would need to have gone through the process of ‘Initial design, create on 3D software and 3D Print’. At the Drop-in, demonstrating design software would have proven difficult as it turned out to be so busy, however if this was incorporated into a workshop, members would get the chance to learn the whole process.

What kind of class involving 3D Printing would interest you?


“Understanding the basic; from set-up, 3D capture; 3D design etc.”

“Sculpture proto-typing, 3D scanning and cleaning up the model. Using design programmes.”

As well as learning the 3D design/print process, quite a few people were asking how much materials cost for one print, what design software is available and if there are any intro sessions coming up. I think it’s important for future workshops to provide at least a little information about open source websites (Thingiverse) and service bureaus for material options (Shapeways, i.materialise) so they know the different services that can be tapped into online and the 3D Printing options currently available.

In the studio at the moment in terms of design software, we have ‘Cubify Sculpt’ which I think is the most user-friendly for complete CAD beginners available in here. We also have Cubify Invent, Blender and Rhino 3D. These three are more specialised and take a while to learn the commands by going through tutorials. I’m recommending sticking to Cubify Sculpt for intro workshops or classes (and Cloud 9 haptic software for a more hands on experience!)

The 3D Pens were extremely popular, with several people asking me if these were bookable to use, when could they do this and how much would it be. They  add an extra element to the drawing and design process and can be used in Printmaking methods (collograph, relief) so perhaps these should be available to book out themselves and also as an option to use in Printmaking courses as an additional process. 

Workshop ideas from the most popular suggestions:

·         Intro course and Printmaking

·         Design->Make->Print

·         Design and 3D Print your own letterpress/relief blocks

Bookable resources:

·         3Doodler

·         3D Printer (after one-to-one)

·         3D Scanner/Computer with 3D software.


Cloud 9 Master Classes and Workshops for October!

Cloud 9 Master Classes and Workshops for October!

October is almost upon us! 

If you'd like to get 3D modelling fast and understand the principles of 3D Printing in a friendly environment, the 1 day introduction or perhaps the 2 day masterclass on 3D modelling software 'Cloud 9' by Anarkik 3D could be just for you! 

I learned how to design, create and 3D Print my models using this software and now regularly use Cloud 9 to create my jewellery collections and other projects. 


The October dates are going in fast so book quickly to avoid disappointment! 

We have:

        15th of October-

  • A 1 day Introduction to Anarkik 3D Design 'haptic (touch technology) 3D modelling package. 

       Upbeat masterclass: 3D modelling for 3D printing for creative people who are non-CAD users, focussing on the        potential that 3D printing offers you. 

       16th and 17th of October-

  • A 2 day course 'Create Passionately and 3D Print perfectly'

       Intensive and upbeat masterclass: For applied artists/creative people, focus on 3D modelling with Anarkik 3D,           information about CAD, 3D Printing and modelling for successful 3D  printing.


Head to: www.anarkik3d.co.uk for more details and how to book you first workshop or master class.

Jolly Good Studio reviews Scottish Jewellery Week

Jolly Good Studio reviews Scottish Jewellery Week

A fantastic write up from Helen at Jolly Good Studio for Scottish Jewellery Week! Thank you Helen! :) 

You can still see this amazing exhibition and there is MORE to come!

Friday and Saturday we have Jewellery Trail guided tours! I will guiding on Friday the19th at 1pm starting from the exhibition space at the Old Flour Mill! If you would like more information on this and how to book your free guided tour visit: www.scottishjewelleryweek.co.uk 

We also have the '15 Years' Exhibition at the art college Duncan of Jordanstone in Dundee celebrating 15 years of fabulous Jewellery Designers work! 

To see the Jewellery Trail Exhibition head along to:

The Old Flour Mill, 

Exchange Street, 


We would love to see you there and if you have any questions about how to book yourself on to a tour or how to find the exhibition...or any other queries about our work, do not hesitate to contact me :)

Enjoy the show!

Lizzie x

A New Site, The 3D Printshow and Scottish Jewellery Week..

First new blog post on the new website!


Everything has been fantastically busy here in Dundee with Scottish Jewellery Week opening on the 12th and continuing on until the 21st. The week before I was at the 3D Printshow in London again with Anarkik 3D doing software demonstrations for visitors and exhibitors!

I have been mentioned on a blog post by i.Materialise in there review of the Printshow which is great, take a look and see all the amazing work, technology and new exciting things on show! 

I will write up a review of the 3D Printshow (mostly the cool bits:) )  and of course a huuuuge one with lots of pictures from Scottish Jewellery Week! 

For now check out i.Materialise- a friendly bunch to have been working opposite at the show :)




Dare to be Digital: Countdown has begun!

3 weeks until the Dare to Be Digital Ceilidh in city square Dundee! The next stage for my accessories project is soldering 200 LEDs onto my little aurora model to make them glow. The models will be given to each guest to wear at the ceilidh, light trails with follow them as the guest dance around..

Keep updated on here with my projects progress and if you'd like to experience this for yourself: Dundee City square, 10th of August at 8pm 'The Northern Ceilidh' will begin!

Dare To Be Digital

I've been working on and prototyping an LED accessory for an exciting project for games company based in Abertay University! The project brief is based around Finnish folklore and the Northern Lights; I've created a contemporary and slightly alien looking model inspired by the aurora borealis's bursts of light, and a little reminiscent of a fox (all will be revealed at DTBD's project event!)

Here are the latest prototypes :)

10459148_10152567508478185_7687632980534959536_n 10390275_718728628169616_3245273938851878792_n